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3 Tips for First-Time Used Car Buyers!

Used Car Buying Tips in Hudson Valley NY

Used vehicles are a large portion of the market, making up a ton of the purchases that happen every year. Many first-time car buyers will purchase a used vehicle for a variety of reasons, but the cost is often the biggest concern. However, when you’re purchasing a used vehicle it is important to ensure you’re getting a vehicle that will last you! That said, we at Volkswagen of Kingston have a small list of tips to help you avoid getting burned by a used car sale! Continue reading below to learn more!

1. Run a Vehicle History Report

While many dealerships, such as ours, will do the vehicle history report for you, it is recommended that you run a history report yourself once you have the vehicle identification number or VIN. These can be obtained via services like CARFAX and Autocheck. If the dealership that you’re looking to purchase from seems unwilling or reluctant to provide this information, take your business elsewhere. Volkswagen of Kingston will never withhold key information from you. We want to make sure we’re transparent when it comes to our vehicles, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for!

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2. Have the Vehicle Inspected

Another important tip is to have the vehicle inspected by a third-party mechanic to find potential issues such as leaks or severely worn parts. They can also help determine if the vehicle has been in an unreported accident. Many companies will do a check on the dealership’s lot, while others will take it to their shop to check under the vehicle and ensure they spot all the issues. Often times the damage that is not seen is not repaired. Thankfully, you won’t have this issue at Volkswagen of Kingston! We make sure we’re upfront with our vehicles and their conditions.

3. Don’t Skip the Test Drive

Up to 20% of people tend to not take test drives on their used vehicles, a number that you should make sure you don’t fall in. It’s important to get a feel for the vehicle and how it operates, as it can lead to issues down the road. Take a car seat for instance, specifically the one that you use if you do. You need to check to see if it fits the vehicle’s dimensions, so you should bring it with you when you take a test drive. Our dealership always recommends taking the vehicle for a test drive, new or used!

So, if you’re looking to have a great used vehicle purchasing experience make sure you come to Volkswagen of Kingston! We won’t be offended if you follow our little list, in fact, we encourage it! Contact us today to learn more about our inventory or to schedule that test drive!

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