Do Miles or Years Matter more for used cars?

What’s More Important in a Used Car? Miles or Age?

Do Miles or Years Matter More When Purchasing a Car?

The search for a quality used car can be a tough one when you aren’t sure what to look for. Do you start with vehicles that have low miles on them? Or is it better to find one with more miles and fewer years under its belt? We’re here to give you some information to help you through your car shopping process. So, fewer years or fewer miles? Keep reading to find out!

Questions to Ask Yourself When Car Shopping

What am I going to be using this vehicle for?

How important is interior technology?

Was the vehicle well-maintained?

Things to Consider about an Older Used Car Is a New Car with lots of miles a bad choice

While a car with more years is going to be a much more affordable option, there are a few things to think about. Firstly, was the car used a lot over the years? Did the previous owner(s) maintain all the parts and fluids? These are things that it can be hard to determine by just looking at the vehicle. Hopefully the dealership offers a vehicle history check and you are able to see whether the car was brought in for regular oil changes and maintenance, but if that isn’t clear, it might be a safer bet to keep your eye out for a more trustworthy vehicle.

Fewer miles and more years can sometimes be a great deal, but it can also mean that the vehicle wasn’t driven very much during its lifetime. Anything that sits still in one place for too long is bound to suffer from worn out parts.

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Things to Consider about A Newer Car with More Miles

New cars look and might even smell fantastic when compared to the older options available. The higher price usually comes with a vehicle that offers more of the modern technology and convenience features that make newer vehicles so exciting, but the higher miles in a short amount of time can mean that the vehicle was used a lot, and potentially by a driver who didn’t do a great job with maintenance.

The most important thing in this situation is to have an experienced technician take a close look at the whole vehicle, making sure to check for any issues or wear and tear. A newer car with more miles on it could be a great deal, but the higher price usually means you should be wary of putting your money into a car with potential issues.

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Affordable Used Car Inventory in Kingston NY

If you are looking for a great used vehicle, the team at Volkswagen of Kingston are happy to help! We have a wide variety of different cars available at several price points, making it incredibly easy to find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Give us a call or stop in at the dealership to see what we have to offer!