2 dogs running next to each other across a grass field with a rubber ball in one mouth

Dog Parks in and near Kingston, NY

If you’re a dog owner then you know your pet needs to get out and use up its energy. Otherwise, it might drive you crazy inside. Your pet needs exercise to stay happy and healthy. With the weather lovely this time of year, you don’t have any excuse to stay indoors. Additionally, the fresh air and warming sun will do both you and your dog some good. Now, a walk is good and standard exercise for your dog, but we think it might enjoy a visit to a dog park far more.

Are there dog parks in Kingston, New York? Why, yes, there are dog parks throughout Kingston, New York and the greater area of Ulster County. However, there are 2 types of parks that welcome dogs.

First, there are parks that are specifically dog parks, that is to say, that they are made and operate specifically for dogs and dog owners. Secondly, there are also public parks and locations that welcome dogs but are more made for family recreation and sports. That means, for these parks, dogs are welcome but the majority of patrons won’t have brought dogs along.

Therefore, you have plenty of choices. Let’s take a look at your park options in and around Kingston, New York. Depending on location and purposes, you can decide the right pick to take your dog to during this summer!

Please follow the attached links for additional information on location, hours, and rules of each park.

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Looking for additional objectives to fill out the summer months? Check out our blog here at Volkswagen of Kingston for more information on seasonal events and locations in and around Kingston, New York. Additionally, we can always help the Volkswagen and automotive needs for anyone in the area. No matter your preference, please contact us to get started! We hope you and your dog enjoy the outdoors!