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How Much do the 2018 Volkswagen Golf Models Cost?

2018 VW Golf Family Price Differences

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf models are out! For those who don’t know, that’s 6 new and different Volkswagen models for this year! There’s the 2018 VW Golf, 2018 VW Golf Alltrack, 2018 VW Golf GTI, 2018 VW Golf R, 2018 VW Golf SportWagen, and even the electric 2018 VW e-Golf!

All of these new Golf models offer different features and are aimed at different audiences. You can learn more about the details of the 2018 VW Golf models here. However, today, we’d like to discuss the different costs between these 6 new 2018 Volkswagen Golf models. What’s the cheapest 2018 VW Golf model? What’s the most expensive 2018 VW Golf model? Check out the starting MSRP of all of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf family below to find out! 

2018 VW Golf Family Pricing

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Obviously, the standard, baseline 2018 Volkswagen Golf is the most affordable vehicle out of the 2018 VW Golf family. Surprisingly though, the 2018 VW e-Golf EV doesn’t have the highest cost. The most expensive is the 2018 VW Golf R. That cost is because the 2018 VW Golf R is packed with high-class performance features and luxury technological innovations to make it an exhilarating ride!

2018 VW Atlas vs 2018 VW Tiguan

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