View of a flat wheel being changed with a jack and a lug wrench

Tire Changing Tips

How to change the tires in your Volkswagen?

Find out how to change the tires in your Volkswagen at VW of Kingston in Kingston, NY, via eight easy DIY steps. Never again find yourself helpless on the road with a flat tire. Continue reading for more information on how to change the tires in your Volkswagen.

Steps to Change a Flat Tire

A person using a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts

Step 1: Ensure the parking brakes are engaged, and the emergency lights are turned on. Park the vehicle away from traffic.

Step 2: Access the spare tire and tool kit from under the cargo lining or the designated spare tire region under the vehicle.

Step 3: Locate the hub cap and remove them individually. Now use the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts before raising the vehicle.

Step 4: Use the jack to raise the vehicle from surface level. Remove the lug nuts entirely and replace the flat tire with the spare tire.

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A person using a jack to raise a vehicle

Step 5: Now tighten the lug nuts and lower the jack.

Step 6: Replace the hub caps and ensure that they are secured.

Step 7: Ensure that all the equipment is replaced and the flat tire is secured under the cargo lining.

Step 8: Check your tire pressure using a tire pressure monitor or visit the nearest Volkswagen dealership for a complete check-up of your car.

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